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The east of Europe joined East of Asia in Y's Men meeting in Tokyo

Two members of Pärnu Y's men club, Marina and Gerallt, were hosts at a dinner with the representatives of Tokyo and Tokyo areas Y's men clubs. This came about because we were also following the rugby World Cup in Japan.[mere]

Aleksey Vasiljev’s sincere smile opens every door

Pärnu Y’s club and Sindi history club have invited Aleksey Vasiljev, a man with various interests and activities from St. Petersburg to visit Sindi Museum and get to know the historical industrial town. On September 30th Vasiljev...[mere]

European Area conference

During the last three days of June the European Area conference of the international Y’s Men organisation took place in the fourth biggest city in Russia – Yekaterinburg. Three members of Pärnu Y-club represented Estonia at the...[mere]