Y's Men Area Europe

Area Europe is a unit consisting of the five Y’s Men Regions Central / South, Denmark, Finland / Batic, Norway and Russia
Area Europe counts 275 Clubs with 5827 members.

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Area Europe shall encourage co-orinate promote and maintain the work of Y's Men International betveen the Rogions fo the Area. Our Area will from 1 july 2018 have three out of fifteen representatives ind the Intenational Council.

A group of support persons (service directors) is every year appointed to have focus on specific tasks connected to Area objectives.The Area Leadership group consists of Area President (AP), Area President Elect (APE) and the Past Area President (PAP). Each of these positions are held for one year. That means that they remain in the leadership group for three years.
Together with the Area Treasurer and Area Secretary, who normally stay in their positions for a longer period, the leadership group makes out the executive unit for Area Europe.


Every second year there is an Area Convention somewhere in Europe where members can meet for inspiration and fellowship. 

The International Association of Y's Men's Clubs

Y's Men International (Y Service Clubs International) is oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA and the communities in which it is present throughout the world.

The membership of the Association consists of affiliated local clubs known as Y's Men's Clubs, Y's Women's Clubs, Y's Men and Women's Clubs or Y Service Clubs. The membership of each local club consists of men or women or both. No one is denied membership status because of race, creed, colour or national origin.



 Our Motto is:

"To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right."


This motto was adopted by Y's Men because of the tendency of most people to insist upon full enjoyment of all rights while remaining oblivious to the corresponding duties giving validity to such rights. Just as the green light giving right of way to traffic on one street must have a corresponding red light to warn traffic on the cross-street of its duty to stop, so every right we enjoy is founded upon a corresponding duty. Our motto is a constant challenge to us to pay less heed to our rights, and more to the discovery and discharge of their corresponding duties - to transfer the emphasis from rights to duties.



New leader team in Area Europe

Judge Paul William Alexander

Our history

Founded in Toledo, Ohio, USA in 1922 to support a local YMCA, Y's Men International is now oriented to serving the worldwide YMCA, the largest non-governmental youth organisation, and through it the communities in which it is present throughout the world. Since the YMCA is usually known as "the Y" in the USA, and as the Y's Men movement started there as a club of "men of and for the Y", it was named the "Y's Men's Club".


Judge Paul William Alexander was the founder of the first club together with a group of other young men. However, today women are also full members of our movement and family participation is encouraged in numerous activities. Since 1995 local affiliated clubs wishing to emphasise this openness can choose to call themselves "Y's Men and Women's Clubs" or "Y Service Clubs". Members are known as Y's Men or Y's Women.




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