Area Europe leader team 2018-2019

In the ysmens movement we have a principle of rotation, which means that leaders are only one year in their leadership position.

Area President (AP)

Ulrik Lauridsen 

Vejle Y's Men's club 2

Region Denmark


Area Treasurer (AT)

Erik Breum

Sønderborg Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark

Area President Elect (APE)

Bjarne Sønderskov 

Kronjyllands Y's Men'c Club, Randers

Region Denmark 


Area Secretary (AS)

Anne Marie Hertz-Jensen

Vejle Trekanten Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark

Past Area President (IPAP)

Poul Henning Løwendahl

Gudenå Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark


Webmaster (ASD/WEB)

Jens Byskov

Aulum Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark


Svein Rødset

Hareid og Utstein Y's Men's Club 

Region Norge

International Council Members (ICM)



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Area President 2019-20 Ulrik Lauridsen Theme





Will you be comfortable with an angry man or smiling person? When you meet a person you never know in which mood he or she is. Maybe your smile can make their day. Happiness is the fact which connect us with everyone. Everyone wants to smile and you never need a reason for it.

Let me change your statement a bit.


By smiling you have started a better emotional and active time.

By laughing and smiling small endorphins in the blood are transporting the oxygen more quickly and that makes your brain more active.

These endorphins can almost remove pain and also reduce your stress.

As Ys Men we all time are saying that our fellowship is excellent.

We are working together, we are having dinner together, we have good speech together and we have an incredible network when we have some personal problems.

We are doing a good social work for the humanity.

What´s of importance is that your leader takes care of you. That he/she has the empathy for everyone. That gives inspiration and is motivating in the fellowship.

To be out of the club and meet other Y´s Men from different countries and cultures gives you so much in your backpack.

That is fellowship – that is brotherhood!

I have attended many Area- and International conventions and every time I´m coming back to my club with a smile and full of inspiration.

A Danish quote saying:  Smile to the world and the world smiles back.

Enjoy the nature and smell to the worlds wonders.

Smile has no language. It is same for all. It shows your kindness to the person you see and tells them that you accept them with an open heart. It brings people closer - doesn't matter who you are, what language you speak or what part of the culture you belong to.

Moreover when people meet in a group they try to make others laugh just because they want everyone in the group to be comfortable with each other and create a healthy environment. This results in a good discussion.

A smile is the entrance to a good dialog and also acceptance of each other.


The reason I choose this theme is that we have to inspire each other in the clubs. We have to play more and have fun. Then you feel the fellowship and your friends, family colleges at job will almost envy you for being a member of the club. It could bring more members in your club.



AP Ulrik Lauridsen       

Presentation of Area President Ulrik Lauridsen

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Ulrik is a man with very great Y'smen's experience he has been ysman for 42 years. He started at the club in Ringkøbing in 1976, moved 10 years later to Vejle and became a member of Vejle Y's Men's Club 2. Ulrik has contested many posts in our movement, from several times to being the club president, district governor, regional service director, regional secretary, area service director, and last host committee chairman of the 2018 regional convention in Vejle.

In civil life, Ulrik is educated as a teacher, and in addition to that he has worked as an inspector at a sports school and before he retired he was an event coordinator. In addition, he organizes trips to Y's Men's Conventions and trips for private groups. His spouse is Pia Rix.

Ulriks motto is: Smile and Fellowship work hand in hand.

Area Servicedirectors (ASD)

Is a group of people who have fukus in spicific fields in support of the Area President. This could be to do the work with organization support programs. Or solve internal tasks in the organization, such as PR or extension. These people can contest the job for several years.

ASD/Extension coordinator

Poul Henning Løwendahl

Gudenå Y's Men's Club 

Region Denmark

Coordinator for Extension

The coordinator's task is to gather and pass information on extensional activities from those from the various country coordinators.

ASD/ PR Facebook

Marina Makarova

St. Petersburg Y's Men's Club

Region Russia

 Collect, write and publish (in the web-site, in the facebook, Y'smen World and local. Russian Y'smen page) texts, pictures and videos about Y'smen activitets.


ASD/Mentor Russia

Marit Torp

Kråerøy Mixed Y's Men's Club

Region Norway

Mentor for Russia

The mentor's task is to support the individual countries and to help with information that could be relevant to activities in the field of extensions.


ASD/ YL / ASF/Extension

Poul V. Thomsen

Kjellerup Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark


YL-The Y's Men's movement and the YMCA can benefit mutually by having a qualified person to serve as liaison between the two entities.

Extension- The Area Service Director for Extension has the prime responsibility for coordinating the development and chartering of new Y's Men's Clubs in the Area.


Veikko Jovonen

Helsinki-Kataja Y's Men's Club

region Finland/Baltic 

Bortherhood Fund Promotion an Travel coordination.

The Brotherhood Fund, was established to defray travel expenses for Y's Men, enabling them to visit Y's Men in other areas. Although the collection and sale of postage stamps has been the historic method of raising money, the major source of funds is cash contributions from Clubs around the world.


ASD/ LTOD, Brother Club

Jacob Kristensen

Ringkøbing Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark


Leadership Training & Organisation Development. It is and has always been important to train leaders on all levels to keep them informed and improve their knowledge and skill of training or education for their future potential leaders. 


ASD/ Christian Emphasis

Carl Hertz Jensen

Vejle Trekanten Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark 

Christian Emphasis has responsibility for implementing and emphasising Guideline 201: " 'Based on the teachings of Jesus Christ' means that Y's Men acknowledge what Jesus Christ has taught and that the acceptance of the teachings leads Y's Men to be prepared to put His words into action.



ASD Yeep - Step

Ib Møller Jensen

Rander Kronjylland Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark

Yeep and Step and Step for all

Yeep A programme of Y´s Men International, arranges international exchanges for 16 to 18 years old children / grandchildren of Y´s Men / Y´s Menettes.- S.T.E.P. arranges international exchanges for 15 to 25 years old. STEP for All, for all Y´s Men who would like to follow f. eks. A Time of Fast programme, or another relevant programme supported by Y´s Men. Duration 3 to 5 weeks.


Andrew Kalmykov

Smena Y's Men's Club

Region Russia

The Youth Representative: AYR promotes and implements Youth matters at both Area and Regional levels


Paul Erik Didriksen

Balle Silkeborg Y's Men's Club

Region Denmark

Y's extension support and SDS

Service Director of SDS and YES tasked to orientate and assist in applying to both programs.