74th Y’s Men International Convention

13th - 16th, August 2020.

Together with Y’s Men from all over the world you are invited to be part of an adventurous world convention right in the heart of Odense, Denmark.

Clic on the logo and on the website you will find convention facilities and a range of various events in Odense. Later on the website will be extended to comprise a more detailed programme for the convention with links to conference booking, hotels, and

other useful information to our guests.


Y’s Men International Region Denmark,

District Funen

Area Europe Convention 2019

Welcome to Yekaterinburg
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Area Europe Convention 2019

From 28 June to 30 June, the conference will be held in Yekaterinburg, Russia.





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City Tour (bus & walk) 2 hours* *Saturday 29.06.19 15:00-17:00* Russia’s third capital-Yekaterinburg is a bus excursion through Yekaterinburg historic sights: the Historical Square, where in 1723 the main Ural plant was built along the oldest hydraulic engineering work, the first plant dam, granit levee of picturesque town pond. The tourists will see the main city squa re, where Lenin Monument is erected, and also visit the places that are connected with th e name of the First Russian President - Boris Eltsin. The modern megapolis will show not just merchant’s mansions of gold-fever time, but also modern shopping centers, theatrical quarter and universities. Everyone can discover the capital of the Urals in his own way. A walking tour along the center of Yekaterinburg runs through the Historical Square along Iset river dam and town pond levee. The tourists will see “stone garden” from Ural minefields, visit the exhibition of Ural industrial machines of 19-20 centuries. The official city is represented by town council and government house. Itinerary list includes central quarters, green avenues, trade pedestrian streets where modern city life in a bustle.

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International Convention 2018 in South Korea

Short report from IC 2018.

Henry Grindheim
IPIP 2018/2019

The 73 Y’s Men International Convention took place in Yeosu, Korea from 9th to 12th August 2018. The Youth convocation also was held in Yeosu at the same time. Let me also add that the days before the IC started up, the annual ICM took place, also in Yeosu.
This convention turned out to be the largest IC ever held with about 3 000 participants, of course mostly Koreans, attended. About 300-350 of the participants came from the other Areas: Asia, India, Africa, US, Canada and Caribbean, Latin America and there were about 30 participants from Europe. (Denmark, Russia, Estonia, Bulgaria and Norway)
An IC also means a changeover from one IP to another, and at this IC there was a solemn ceremony, where I handed over my IP pin and the IP banner to my successor, Moon Sang Bong. He is now serving as IP until 1 July 2019, when his successor, IPE Jennifer Jones, from Australia shall take over. I also presented my farewell speech to the participants on the first night of the convention, the IPIP night.
The convention was a big success, with a fantastic programme, and with excellent entertainment. The food was good and exicting all prepared by the Koreans. There was a friendly atmosphere, where old and new Y’s Men could meet each other, renew old friendship and new ones were established.
I feel we all returned home with our minds filled by wonderful memories from this fantastic event, prepared and done so well by the Area Korea Y’s Men. Now we can look forward to the next AC Europe in Yekaterinburg in June 2019 and also to the next International convention taking place in Odense, Denmark in August 2020.


Area Convention 2017

In 2017 a fantastic Area Convention was held in Cesis in Latvia