Rde- & development training rde- & development training

In the weekend of 20-22 October, APE Poul Henning Løwendahl had invited to RDE & development training in Stavanger, Norway.


By: ASD Webmaster Jens Byskov

It became an educational and inspiring weekend with many talented teachers such as IPE Sangbong Moon from Korea, International Secretary General Takao Nichimura and also from IHQ  James Olle, plus the overall area leadership team. As a new initiative, Ysmen around from Area Europe was invited to describe current topics. Such as "How to start and run a new club" and get 100 members, at Bjørn Ave Bentzen from Mandal in Norway. "How to run DG job" by Mona Klit from Thisted in Denmark "How to run good club life" by PAP Ineta Krumina from Cesis In Latvia.

Throughout the weekend development was given a very high priority. Torben Severinsen from Midtfyn in Denmark will in the future coordinate development work across all regions of Area Europe.

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