Easter Greeting

Easter Greeting From: ISD CE 2018-2019/ASD CE 2018-2019 Carl Hertz-Jensen. It is a mystery. It will always be a mystery.

He was an old man. I think around 90 years of age. He was sitting in his meditation room, and we were sitting around as if we were disciples. He was telling us about his life and religion. He was a Hindu, teaching in a Christian school in southern India. He had been a school teacher most of his life. He went to the big Hindu temple for prayer and worship. And he read religious texts, he knew about religion in India. He also read in the Christian Bible every day, as he said to us.

But he had a problem, a mystery in the Gospel. How could Jesus say, what he said, when he was crucified?
“Father, forgive them; for they do not know, what they are doing!”

Jesus cared for people. He could help and understand people in their needs. He could forgive people, when they failed. He could liberate people and give them future and hope. That was his unique work and Gospel.

But how could he ask the Father, God in heaven, to forgive those, who convicted him and brought to the cross? – No one could ask for that! It was not fair, it was not just!

Surely, it is a mystery! No one can understand these words spoken by Jesus hanging on the cross.

And yet I believe, that Jesus said what he said, because he had to bring forgiveness into this world, to give us a complete new life. Therefor we give this day the name Good Friday, and after Saturday we greet each other Sunday morning, saying “Happy Easter! Christ is risen, he is verily risen!” – Life is new!

It is a mystery! It will always be a mystery!

Carl Hertz-Jensen

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