Newsletter. 30.04.19

APE Ulrik Lauridsen From Area Europe I would like to inform you about one of the international highlights just coming up. We are all very much concerned about how to plan our 100 years jubilee in 2022.

At the MYM in February IP Moon Sang-Bong came up with a suggestion to make a fund on 1 mill. dollars called

”Paul William Alexander Legacy fund”.

Still nothing is concrete. But the talk is about placing a headstone on the graveyard in Toledo where a small primitive plate is with a no 274 for PWA.

Debbie Redmond has made some research on the family and they didn´t know anything about that he was the founder of Y´s Men International and they are not connected to Y´S Men or YMCA.

In Toledo there is no Y´s Men´s club, so it would be natural to use some money to raise a new club latest 2022.

The biggest task is the plans to buy his childhood home which house is a big wooden building but we have no price-setting on it. The plans for the house is to restore it and use it as meeting-room for the “new Y´s Men´s Club” and also use it for the local YMCA. Maybe a room could be used as museum telling the story about PWA and Ysdom.

How to rise the 1 mill US$?

The plan is to rise the fee with 10 US$ for every member the next 3 years.

With the number of members just now it will create about 700.000 US$. The rest should be given by funds and Y´s Men activities.

On the meeting in Chiang Mai I protested against raising the fee and suggested that each club freely can pay from the fund-account what is equal to the number of members x 30 US$.

(f.eks. 20 memb. x 30 US$).

I also suggested that somebody could produce banners or T-shirts with the name of PWA and logo of Y´s Men and 100 years jubilee and sell them on the coming conventions.

The International leader-team has already made polo shirts which we got at the MYM in Chiang Mai.

The motion about the Legacy fund was on a mailballot in April and was carried. In Europe the three ICMs were against because we don´t feel it is quite legal to let this motion be a mail ballot without discussing it at ICM.

Only the 8 APEs discussed it at MYM in Chiang Mai in February.

The last mail about the 2022 goals says that it has to be on the agenda at next ICM in Japan.

Just now at the time of writing this News our General Secretary Jose Varghese is in Toledo to discuss the situation with the YMCA, the Lord Mayor and other prominent persons in Toledo and until now positive vibrations.

What comes out of these meetings is very exciting and I will inform ASAP.

For your information the International Convention 2022 will be on Hawaii in August.

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