YMCA 175 London

AP Ulrik Lauridsen: Our mission to join the YMCA175 was a success.

We talked to a lot of people and made good contacts.We had many around us, and there were Y´s men, formerly Ysmen, young people who knew a lot about Y´s Men also young people who had little or no knowledge of us.We handed out a nice brochure that everyone got in hand.We have the last days almost made a deal with people from Sierra Leone to form a club in Essex in London.A former Ys man from S.L. now residing in London, a group from S.L. who are very interested, so he will address them very quickly. Maybe Wally and I should have a talk with the group very soon.I had conversations with young people from Ukraine, Uruguay, Ethiopia, Russia, Finland, Norway, Iceland, Hawaii, many from Germany, Martin from Zwolle, Adam from Poland, Dorina from Kosovo and many others.Everyone was intoxicated by the mood during YMCA175, and we hope that upon their return they will think carefully about things.

Many young people received a reminder that next year we will hold a youth conference in Odense.

The young Danish participants (about 40), with whom I was very much together with, and lived in the same hostel, got many words along the way about the possibilities next year.

There were young people with Y´s Mens parents, young people who had good connection and knowledge of Y´s Men. Some who got the story.

I strongly urge them not to forget the partnership between YMCA and Y's Men.


For our workshop, approx. 80 young people and here we got Dorina from Kosovo to tell the success story of their charity shop as well as their fantastic support from Y´s men in Holstebro and at Danish regional level.

Worldwide, they have also joined as a TOF project.

Jose, Jennifer, Russel and I attended a couple of receptions where we also networked with many. All in all, a very positive experience.

In several relationships with speakers on the big stage, we were also mentioned as good collaborators worldwide.

If we are to reach 50,000 members by 2022, we have tried to create a better foundation here.

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