100 days Promotion International.

In Japan at the IC meeting one of the conclusions for increasing the membership was that from Sept. 1st to Dec. 9th in 2019 – 2022 all clubs and leaders have to make extra promotion for getting new members.

Everyone have to contact the newspapers and tell them about the Ys Men as a service club and all members are voluntary active in many ways.

Tell about all the social work you are doing for the society. Tell them about your club, how you meet and have focus on the fantastic fellowship. Tell them about your activities. Tell them that by being a member you also get opportunities to take part as leaders and how much that means for you to be accepted as leader like you are. By changing our leaders every year we have a chance not to be too traditional but always have new visions.

Tell them about how you are motivated and inspired by being a Y´s man.

Finally tell them about our founder Paul William Alexander, who started our YMI in 1922 in Toledo and we are going to celebrate the 100 years jubilee at Hawaii 2022.


Ask all your members to find at least one person to be invited for a clubmeeting.

And all mixed clubs be aware of that your spouse can be a new member with only half fee both International, Area Europe and in Denmark on Regional plan the next three years.

Do it all with a smile and you will all feel the growth.

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