Aleksey Vasiljev’s sincere smile opens every door

Pärnu Y’s club and Sindi history club have invited Aleksey Vasiljev, a man with various interests and activities from St. Petersburg to visit Sindi Museum and get to know the historical industrial town. On September 30th Vasiljev talks about Russia, the Russian language and arts, contemporary Russia. In between talking he plays music and sings.

Aleksey Vasiljev is connected to Pärnu through the international charitable organization Y’s Men International, represented in Pärnu by Pärnu Y’s club. Since October 1st is celebrated as International Music Day, Aleksey gladly visits Estonia in order to play music and tell stories. He is a freelance journalist, musician, singer and photographer in St. Petersburg. Aleksey sings and plays well-known Russian and German schlagers, bits and pieces of Russian film and animation music classics.
Aleksey was born in Novgorod in 1957. He inherited his great interest in history and arts from his parents. His father was a historian and his mother was a teacher. This is exactly the reason why Aleksey tells stories of Russian history, arts, contemporary life and much more that might interest the listeners in between his music and singing.

Piia Karro-Selg, the director of Raeküla Old School centre introduces the visitor as a person she has already known for a while. “Come to think of it, I believe I know him since 2016 when he supported me during my first international Y’s-training, because back then I was still a shy communicator. The reason was my English – or the lack of it.” Karro-Selg describes Vasiljev as an open-minded person – friendly and very curious, especially towards other countries and peoples. “His sincere smile opens every door and he keeps smiling even while solving problems. In my opinion he is an excellent representative of Russian culture at any place in the world.”
Concert-meetings begin at Raeküla Old School centre on September 29th at 6 pm, continuing in Sindi Museum on September 30th at 6 pm. On the first days of October he performs in different schools in Pärnu. Liivi ja Kaljo Kaasik from Põhja-Pärnumaa together with the local Kaisma cultural centre have planned a thorough programme for Aleksey from 3rd to 5th of October. Aleksey will be introduced to Estonian countryside life and village community activities, cattle farms will be visited and other such activities are planned. “All of this is born from the active cooperation of the members of Y’s Men movement that exceeds country borders and language barriers all over the world,” said Karro-Selg, who is also the Finland-Baltic regional director of Y’s Men International.
On July 5th this year Aleksey hosted three members of Pärnu Y’s club in St. Petersburg. First he drove the Estonian visitors about 20 km out of St. Petersburg to Pushkin which was called Tsarskoje Selo until 1918. In Pushkin he took the visitors for a walk through Cathrine’s Park and told them interesting stories. The other half of the day was spent sightseeing in St. Petersburg and sailing on Neva River. The photo gallery attached to the article depicts the day spent with Aleksey.

* The original article was published on 18 September on the online page Külauudised - kõik uudised kodanikult kodanikule. * The article was written by Urmas Saard, a member of the Pärnu Y-Club and a reporter for the online page * The article was translated by Ester Haas, a member of Pärnu Y-Club and a training specialist at the Raeküla Vanakooli Keskus - Raeküla Old School Center.

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