The east of Europe joined East of Asia in Y's Men meeting in Tokyo

Two members of Pärnu Y's men club, Marina and Gerallt, were hosts at a dinner with the representatives of Tokyo and Tokyo areas Y's men clubs. This came about because we were also following the rugby World Cup in Japan.

Eight Japanese clubs were represented, Chiba, Kawagoe, Tokyo-Hachiouji, Tokyo-Sunrise, Tokyo-Koto, Tokyo-Tampopo, Kofu 21, Tokyo-Musashinotama and of course us from Pärnu Y's men club, Estonia. 

The wonderful dinner was held in Shinjuku Summit Club, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo. It was in itself a tsament to Japan's generosity and good will. Want to point out that our visit to Japan brought together different clubs in Tokyo and around its area. They could meet old friends and new friend within Tokyo and of course Etonia. The diner was an oportunityfor socialising and discussing activities in the two countries, as well as opening the possibility of forming links and sharing projects together.

Being in support of clubs from the sister movement, YMCA was seen as an important role in Japanese Clubs activity. Fundraising and promoting cultural events was also a common aim of Y'S men clubs both in Japan and in Estonia. Two advatages for being part of Y's men movement was pointed out. First, being able to participate in activity for the good of charities, and secondly being able to promote and take advantage of connections between Y's men members all over the world. The idea that we have good friends with a common aim, in far off counries is great comfort to us al, building bridges rather than barriers. So it was a really happy and inspiriningmeeting with numeros gifts exchanged as momentos of this rather historical meeting.

Marina Mesipuu-Rhun Pärnu Y's men club PP and Gerallt Rhun Pärnu Y's men club member.

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