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Of: AP Ulrik Lauridsen Denmark My period as AP is running out and I want to thank you all for the fellowship even the last 3 month have been very peculiar because of “isolation” from meetings.

I learned that when you physical are out of contact with your fellow Y´s Men you really will see how much that fellowship means. It is not only the meetings. It is also the activities when you are working together.

In Denmark all clubs have activities collecting money: Fleemarket, recyclingshops, selling Christmastrees and decorations, selling Christmas calenders, market with animal etc. All the money raised goes for YMCA, scouts, handicapped, Christian and filantropic organizations etc.

This fellowship has not worked regularly the last month and the clubmeetings has been cancelled.

We had to cancel the ACM spring and we had a GTM zoom-meeting. That is OK but you don´t have the same feeling as when you in the same room and better can see and feel the body-language. The discussions are not relevant in the same way because your focus is on the screen. And you have to use the mute-button and in between listen to some bad tunes from the technical equipment.

Anyway you have the contact and can make some resolutions and give info of what happens just now in your region or at your service-job.


I have had my focus on “SMILE AND FELLOWSHIP WALK HAND IN HAND” and tried to appeal all of you to meet often, have a calendar for the Y´s Men´s year. It is of great importance to meet and feel the fellowship.

I hope my message has increased a better understanding and motivation for a better timetable as voluntary in Y´s dom.

In Area Europe we had a splendid ACM fall with good discussions and a nice fellowship.

The ACM is the place where the 5 RDs have their votes for motions, the funds, the Area-account and budget and the place where you can share your visions.

This year gave a lot of work for AP attending the meetings in Odense planning the International Convention. I was very much engaged in the Youth convocation. In Denmark we had asked the clubs to donate money for young participants and we had raised so much that we could sponsor 30 delegates almost fully. We had a good contact to the YMCA, scouts, Boys Brigade etc. What a pity these young ones didn´t get the chance to explore the Y´s Men´s work and meet “H.C. Andersen”.


For your information the ACM spring approved a motion saying that a good portion of these money will go for the Area Convention in Struer 2021. How to apply for scholarships will be informed after the ACM fall October 16th- 18th 2020.

The Area convention 2021 is June 17th – 20nd in Struer, Denmark


From meetings at ICM one of my tasks was to implement the Paul William Alexander Heritage project.

This project has a goal on 1 mill. Dollars and all clubs worldwide have to give an amount. Area Europe must collect 200.000 dollars and I hope you all will think seriously on donations in the coming year.

First all the money should go to the fund as extra fee from each member but some of us protested and the result is that the clubs voluntary may donate – but I hope you will think of giving about 30 dollars pr. Member.

The project has already raised a nice gravestone in Toledo for our founder PWA. The plan is to buy a flat in Geneva for our IHQ. Just now we are renting an office in cooperation with the YMCA.

We are heading our 100 years jubilee I 2022 and we have to promote this celebration all over.

One way to promote is to make extra PR for your club, District or Region in the “100 days promotion” from Sept. 1st to dec. 9th in the year 2020 and 2021.

July 1st Poul Henning Løwendahl will hand over his IPAP pin to me and he will end his 3 years job in the leadership for Area Europe.

Last week I handed over my AP pin for Bjarne Sønderskov as new AP for Europe. At the same time the Homebanner was handed over for Club Kronjylland.

I´m looking forward to another year in the troika together with Bjørn Arve Bentsen and Bjarne Sønderskov.

Thank you Bjarne and Poul Henning for good harmony in the Area troika and welcome to Bjørn.

Thanks to Anne Marie as AS and Erik Breum as AT.

Thanks to all ASDs for your work as Area Service Directors.

Best regards and thank you for an exciting year as Area President for Europe.       



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