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TOF is the opportunity to support different projects with the common dimension to made a difference to people in all ages.

In the bottom of this article there is a link to a presentation of the eight pojects . 

Look at them and set TOF on the program of your club

2017-2018:        [Danish]               [English]


2016-2017:         [Danish]               [English]           [German]

What is Time of Fast:

"TOF - Avoid a meal and give the money to people in need"

The idea that all Y's Men should provide what corresponds to a meal of food originated in 1972.

Y's But Int. decided to set up a fund because of the lack of funds for aid in the Philippines after a natural disaster. It was the start of the movement's flagship "TOF program", which has been given its name with reference to Christian fasting time.

Fixed time - February month - has since been the TOF focus month, and since 1972 the TOF program has collected several million kroner for people in need.

TOF projects should help socially disadvantaged, affected by natural disasters or wars, or other good purposes such as health improvement, disease prevention, or enable people to become self-reliant. Normally, the aid can be distributed between 1-3 years depending on the nature of the project.

All projects must have a relation to Y's Men and / or YMCA. TOF only supports in part, as a project must also find resources. Amounts from TOF are typical startup support, so the projects have a long-term perspective.

The projects have a duty to report to the International GPF Committee on the progress of the project. TOF payments are only paid after receiving satisfactory reports that the project is in good shape.

Collected TOF money is sent through the regions to the International Headquarters (IHQ) in Geneva

The International Council annually allocates the TOF funds every month in August, following the recommendation of the Int.TOF-GPF Commitee.

T.M. Jose from India is Int. Service Chairman (ISD) and Chairman of the Int.TOF-GPF Commitee. Europe is represented in Int. TOF-GPF Committee by the undersigned. 

An application to participate in the TOF funds will be sent to IHQ no later than March. Application form is available at www.ysmen.org.

YES Program

Read more about "YES Pogram"
Application form
Guidelines for the YES Program Area Europe: Click on the image

YES is an abbreviation of Y's “Extension Support Program”.

The purpose of YES is to allow clubs and members to contribute to extension activities (expanding with more countries, clubs and members).

All donations to YES will be used exclusively for extension purposes.

Roll Back Malaria

The Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) is the global framework for coordinated action against malaria. It forges consensus among key actors in malaria control, harmonises action and mobilises resources to fight malaria in endemic countries.

Y's Men International is playing a key role in this battle. As a partner within the RBM Partnership and a member of the Alliance for Malaria Prevention (AMP), we raise money to support our primary partner, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC).

The IFRC's fight against malaria is focused on social mobilisation (encouraging and assisting communities to work together to fight the disease), communication aimed at changing behaviour, and assistance to households with LLIN distribution and hanging through the flagship programmes of “Hang Up” and “Keep Up”. It also supports individual countries’ ministries of health in achieving global targets.

Collection box

Collection box that can be used for collection to Roll Back Malaria.You can download a page from here. then cut it out and assemble it into a box

If you want to become part of the Partnership for Roll Back Malaria and help and support, you can click on the box to download a box that you can use as you wish.


If you want to become part of the Partnership for Roll Back Malaria and help and support, you can click on the box to download a box that you can use as you wish.

Everyone can help if they want to, if we are many, it should not be so much from each.


This is made based on the motto "keep it simple"