Roll Back Malaria Support

The RBM Partnership to End Malaria is the largest global platform for coordinated action towards a world free from malaria. It is comprised of over 500 partners - from community health worker groups and researchers developing new tools, to malaria-affected and donor countries, businesses and international organisations.

Every single Y's Man throughout Europe can make their own collection for Roll Back Malaria, thereby becoming a partner in the big partnership that supported the fight against malaria.


RBM saves children with medicine and nets.

You can give to the help the children gets.  



October is the IP Emphasis month

You can also see how the development of donations has been the last ten years. 

Download a collection box

Here you can create your own collection box.

·        You must print the box on some heavy paper like between 170 and 210 grams per A4 sheet. Or on photo paper intended for printing photographs

·        You have two options if you select "printing for one side", you will get the selections you need to fold the box on the front page.

·        If you select "print on two sides" you will have the markings folding the box after on the back. Remember to set print on two pages in your print application.


·        Click the PDF file to download the file.



Collection Box for printning on one side

To your region

If you want your collected money to go through your region to IHQ. Should you contact the regional treasurer. There you will be able to enter an account number that you can apply for payment.

Click on the image and you will get contact information

Download a Colletion Box for printning on two side

To the headquarters

For information on how to transfer money directly to IHQ in Geneva, click on the logo.

Make your box

To make your box, you need a simple tool, a hobby knife or scissors, a ruler, and a glue stick or double-sided tape.


Once you have cut out the box, use the ruler to bend the shredded lines to get sharp corners.

Then you glued the side of the box together.



Good luck making your box.

And with your collection.



How to send the money after collection


Below this you can read about the options for getting your collected money for Y's Men International.



With credit cards

If you wish to pay by credit card, click on the credit card.Remember to notice Roll Back Malaria so it becomes clear which project you will support.