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The International Association of Y’s Men’s Club’s, Area Europe AREA CONSTITUTION and GUIDELINES.

Useful Knowledge

On this page you will find very useful knowledge. such as Constitution and Guidelines, minutes from management meetings, manuals and guides, politician, applications and forms.

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Constitution and Guidelines

Area Europe Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Y’s Men International Area Europe

This privacy policy explains our handling of personal information collected to exercise

our services towards members and others we work with.


Area personel information

Y’s Men International Area Europe

mapping of personal information


ACM Fall 2019

Workbook and 2 attachments

Minutes ACM Fall 2019

R2R Training 2019

Attachments to the minuttes 

R2R Training 2019 in Parnu Estonia

ACM Spring 2019

Workbook and Appendices
Minutes and Appendices

From Area Council Meeting in Vejle 15 - 18 march 2019

YMCA 175 London: Brief Report


ACM Fall 2018

Minutes, Workbook, and all Apendixes 

Minutes Billund 18

Leadership meeting in YMI Area Europe Billund May 14, 2018

ACM Spring 2018


From Area Council Stavanger Norway 8-11 march 2018


Appendixes from ACM Spring 2018

Minuts and Appendix 2017

Minutes ACM Fall 2017

Area Europe Council Meeting Fall 2017

Stavanger, Norway 22. – 24. September 2017


Service Directors’ Manual

Y's Men's International service programmes it is beneficial to have coordinators for each programme at the Regional, Area and International level. They have been respectively designated as Regional Service Director (RSD), Area Service Director (ASD) and International Service Director (ISD).

ABC of Y's Men

This manual was first produced in English in 1989. It contains basic information about the International Association of Y’s Men’s Clubs (Y’s Men International): its aims, functions, organisation and terminology. Substantial additions and revisions were made in 2007. Subsequent revisions were made in 2010 and in 2015. 


Below are some commonly used abbreviations. For a more comprehensive guide, consult the ABC of Y's Men International.

Area Convention Manual

This Manual has been prepared to assist all those contemplating the hosting of an Area Convention

Application forms


Here you will find the application for YES program


Here you will find the application for SDS program